Change, Challenge and the Economy

I've just returned from attending an international conference in Barcelona, Spain, on the state of the Internet (you can read a commentary on my trip in my June 18th "Global Village" column in the Contra Costa Times or check my website for archived articles). It continues to amaze me how dramatically the Internet has changed our lives and will continue to do so. As we've seen over the last couple of years, just one aspect of the Internet – blogging – has proven to be a new force that is influencing all of our lives in many unexpected ways – from feeding us news on a moment-by-moment basis to empowering each of us to express ourselves to a truly global audience.

With the news filled with stories about the ups and downs of the Dow, the Nasdaq, changes in employment, trade deficits, global competition, new technology, etc., how can anyone keep up with today's blindingly fast pace of change? As an economist, I'm very much involved in tracking how these changes affect business and the economy, today and into the future. This is quite a challenge. I'm planning on using this blog to share my thoughts and perspectives with you as we all try to make sense of today's economy and tomorrow's business environment.


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